Phase 2 extended past sports resumption date

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Earlier today, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper announced that he was extending phase 2 of the reopening plan until at least September 11. The North Carolina fall sports season was set to begin on September 1st.

Phase 2 of the reopening began on August 3rd and allowed athletes to practice with some equipment, including balls, but still does not allow the use of protective equipment which is vital to football.

Phase 2 also requires social distancing.

The NCHSAA has yet to comment on the governors decision and the effect it will have on the upcoming season. As of now though, sports will not be happening on September 1st.

“We do not have anything to share at this point. We will be providing an update to the membership very soon,” NCHSAA Commissioner Que Tucker said.

As of Wednesday morning, a majority of NCHSAA member schools have resumed sports workouts. It is the first time a majority of schools have resumed sports activities since sports were suspended due to the Coronavirus in march.

Stay tuned to FYN Sports for an update on the ongoing situation and to hear the NCHSAA’s latest statement.




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NCHSAA moves into phase 2


Phase 2 of the reopening plan will begin on August 3rd. The new phase does not change the number of student athletes who will be allowed to practice in groups, but it does introduce some new equipment. Social distancing will still be enforced, however kids will finally be able to start practicing with balls again.


Some other new things that come with phase 2 are:

  • Sharing of equipment is permissible within small groups.
  • Wearing protective equipment remains prohibited.
  • Equipment must be disinfected frequently.
  • 1st Responders are not required.


The NCHSAA Staff has been working closely with the NCHSAA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee (SMAC) on recommendations for member schools regarding summer activities that align with NC DHHS directives. The guidance utilizes a phased approach for NCHSAA athletes and is intended to help school administrators, coaches, parents, students, and communities navigate a gradual reopening of high school athletic activities.

The health and safety measures outlined in this plan were formed utilizing CDC, DHHS, and NCHSAA information at this time. It is recognized, however, that the information and circumstances concerning COVID-19 remain fluid and variable. Therefore, these guidelines are subject to change in conjunction with new knowledge of COVID-19 or changing social conditions.

Again, these guidelines do not become effective until August 3rd.

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