Homeward bound pet of the week: Bob

Fast & Furriest

Handsome Bob has captured all the volunteers’ hearts! He is around 2 years old and 62 lbs with a coat that shimmers in the sun. That’s when the auburn highlights show the brightest. He walks great on a leash until he loses focus when a squirrel runs by but he’s getting better. He’s a gentle giant who appreciates the comfort of a couch and a hug. Bob is also very playful and enjoys zoomies in a fenced-in yard. He is friendly towards most dogs but as always, a meet and greet with your pooch is required.  

Homeward Bound Pet Rescue is a 501 c3 non-profit who has been rehoming unwanted pets since 2000.  We are located in Blue Ridge, Gilmer Co., Georgia.

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