The Best Local Blogs to Follow

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Sure, social media is a great place to get information on the local happenings. But for different perspectives, shopping, and ideas from locals, we’ve checked out some of the best, local blogs for you to follow.

Downtown Ellijay

Check out Downtown Ellijay’s blog for all the latest on local spots and businesses.

The South GA. Seed Company

We are anoff grid,solarpoweredheirloom seed farm. Our family of four strives to live as simple as possible. We compost, use worm castings, utilize clean solar energy for watering, and raise livestock in order to use their waste as a fertilizer. We are working towards trying to live off the land as much as possible and at the same time we are trying to make a positive impact our environment and our neighbors. We are in the process of adding more indigenous plants to our small farm in hopes of better managing the land while benefiting various plants and animals around us. 

Wander North Georgia

We are a small locally owned and family run business in the middle of downtown Clayton. Our shop offers a wide assortment of gifts, Chaco sandals and boots, hiking and camping gear, locally made items, packaged beer, and an awesome selection of books

Friends of Blue Ridge

The Blue Ridge Mountains stand secure as a national treasure for all time—ancient and sacred space that is maintained as a model of natural and cultural preservation—a free and accessible destination for recreation, discovery, and renewal that inspires others to join and sustain our effort.

Appalachia’s Homestead YouTube Channel

How a suburban family left it all behind in order to homeschool and homestead in Appalachia. Learn how to begin homesteading and to learn vital skills such as gardening, food preservation, animal husbandry, homeschooling and more! We have chickens, dairy cows, dairy goats, ducks, pigs, quail, two Great Pyrenees & the cutest farm cat around!

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