Historic Wooden Canoe Discovered this Past Week on Chattooga River

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From the Chattooga Conservancy Facebook page:

Word is out! An old wooden dugout canoe, possibly of Native American origin, was recently found in the Chattooga River. This is actually the second Chattooga canoe discovery; the first, found in 2004, can be seen at the @oconeehistorymuseum.
The Chattooga Conservancy is again leading the extraction effort, in coordination with the SC Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology and the Forest Service, and we started the process this week! An incredible group of volunteers rallied together on short notice to carry the cradle through difficult terrain and across the river, where we then unpinned the canoe and secured it into the cradle. If weather allows, we hope to complete part 2 of the expedition—bringing the canoe out of the river corridor—sometime next week.
Huge thanks to the crew who joined and made this possible!!
Stay tuned for part 2!
Read the full article here on how the canoe was found, what is being investigated, and stay on the lookout for updates.

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