Ellijay and Blue Ridge Featured in Southern Living’s The South’s Best Mountain Towns 2021

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“Home is within. Within me are mountains.” – Aimee Brown

As North Georgia locals, we’re surrounded by the charming fortitude of the Blue Ridge Mountain range, which offers us the haven of beautiful mountain-life tradition and endless geography waiting to be explored – a place we call home. But as it turns out, we’re not the only ones who appreciate the magnetism of our area.

Southern Living recently wrote an article called “The South’s Best Mountain Towns 2021,” featuring both Ellijay and Blue Ridge, Georgia.  (Enjoy the full article from Southern Living here.)

Photo Credit: Robbie Caponetto https://www.southernliving.com/souths-best/mountain-towns


This isn’t the first time Southern Living has featured the two small towns, though. We’re also featured in other articles called, “The South’s Best Apple Orchards,” found here, “We Found the South’s Best Fall Color,” found here, and here, “Here’s Where to Go for Your Next Ladies’ Getaway.”

Photo Courtesy of Mercier Orchards Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mercierorchards/photos/10157329204986767

CREDIT: PHOTO: ART MERIPOL https://www.southernliving.com/travel/souths-best-fall-colors?slide=67405c4e-f18f-4706-a225-dd19ac9ad832#67405c4e-f18f-4706-a225-dd19ac9ad832

We know we’re the bees knees, but we’re also honored to be featured in so many articles.


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