Tennessee High School Football Kicks Off ThIs Week


The much anticipated start of the Tennessee high school football season is this week and there are set to be as many as 120 games played during Week 1.

As we all know, Friday night lights will look A LOT different from years past. Spectators will be expected to wear masks and have their temperatures checked at the gates. Those that are or have recently experienced Coronavirus symptoms will be asked to not enter the stadium.

I believe that it is important that we as spectators and parents do our part in making sure that this football season can continue, and that we do everything we can do ensure that surrounding areas like Georgia and North Carolina are also able to have their seasons.

So this weeks “Scoring Points” will not necessarily be an opinionated piece, yet one where you can learn the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association guidelines and recommendations for returning to play. I believe that this will give even those of you who are not in Tennessee a look into what to expect when your respected state returns to play.

  • All fans must wear facial coverings at all times while onsite except children under age 2. And all fans must maintain a social distance of six feet, or the equivalent of two empty seats between themselves and other fans from anyone other than those living in the same household.
  • It is the host school’s discretion to honor passes, or offer any public ticket sales at all, because of capacity restrictions.
  • At contests all coaches, players, team personnel, officials, administrators, and fans must have their temperatures checked before entering the facility.
  • At contests in localities where fan attendance is permitted, member schools are encouraged to limit fan attendance to a number that will allow adequate social distancing (e.g., 1/4 to 1/3 of typical seating capacity, depending on the characteristics of the particular venue) and should mark/designate bleachers or seats in order to promote social distancing among spectators.
  • The temperature check and questionnaire requirements as well as the social distancing requirement, shall also apply to members of a school band or pep band, cheerleaders, or other similar student groups attending a contest in a supporting role.
  • Concession stands are discouraged.

My hope is that all who will be attending these upcoming Tennessee high school football games will follow the new mandates and keep it safe and keep the season rolling for these kids sake.


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