May is Pet Awareness month. . .but isn’t every month?

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pet awareness month

Saki is my daughter’s dog, but she is my constant companion around the farm, sitting in the living room or going for a hike. She might be a tri-paw, but she’s got some mad herding skills.

Let’s be honest, every month is Pet Awareness Month. I mean, who doesn’t love cuddling with their fur baby. Granted, I know not all pets are “fur babies” some have feathers, some have scales, some may even have a shell. Really in my world, though, they are furry and bark. While I’d never promote owning, say, a tiger, there are plenty of unusual pets out there.

Pets bring us joy and peace. They teach us compassion and empathy, responsibility.


Yes, chickens. They are quite beneficial, too for eggs. An interesting tidbit that I personally did not know until we moved onto a farm, was you don’t need a rooster to get eggs. So, if you don’t want annoying crowing waking you up before dawn, you don’t need him. However, I’m the lightest sleeper in the world and within a week, I could sleep through the crowing. Coops can be as simple as an unused doghouse or there are small “Eggloo” type homes that will hold 1-2 chickens.


Photo by Bryan Padron on Unsplash
Skunks can make fun fur-babies. Once de-scented, they cannot be released in the wild.

Yes, Pepe Le Pew makes a great pet, once the scent glands are removed. However, once removed, they can never be

released into the wild, so commit yourself to these loveable critters. They can entertain themselves with a variety of toys.

Pygmy goats

They are small and make great lawn mowers. However, they require a sturdy structure because they are escape artists. We own a goat, I found him on the side of the road about four years ago. Whoever owned him had tied him, with rope. Goats eat rope. I wasn’t able to find his owner, so I kept him. I also learned a valuable lesson, male goats are gross. They will urinate on their beard to attract females.

Find your pet, here.


may is pet awareness month

Sure, you can have a peacock, just know they have a crazy call.

Okay, I have a habit of bringing home odd animals. When a friend posted on Facebook she had a peacock nesting in her Atlanta-suburb home and she was worried about him. Hubby and I went and rescued it. He was young, but beautiful, with his rich blue, green, black and purple tail. The downside was Pea hens cost a small fortune and Peacocks, when they call, make a sound like a woman being attacked by screaming monkeys. Literally, the first time I heard him, he was out of sight and I almost grabbed my gun and called the cops.

Sugar gliders

These cutesy guys are playful, loyal and can be taught tricks. They are nocturnal, so they will play at night, while you are snoozing.

If none of these sound very appealing and you are content with a cat or dog, check your local animal shelter, they are overrun with animals. It’s also okay to ask if you can foster a dog or try a dog before you adopt. Don’t buy from a backyard breeder or at a fleamarket, you will be overcharged and you can’t be sure what you are truly getting.


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