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Last week the NCHSAA held a board meeting and talked about the reopening of highschool sports and what they were planning to do for the future fall season. Honestly, not a lot of answers came out of that session as none of the leaders wanted to speculate anything about the future with so much being unknown. This week, the GHSA executive director Robin Hines more or less gave the same update. 

“Anything I would say regarding a decision would be total speculation, but our hope, and our prayer, is we would be able to start in some capacity in June and work through the summer and have a regular fall season as we move forward,” Hines told 13WMAZ. He went on to say that before any decision could be made they would need to gather more evidence of how to keep fans, players, and officials safe during sporting events. So basically he came out and said we are just going to sit back and wait and see what happens. I think that is a very bad decision. If you don’t have any plan right now, when do you plan on getting one together? You could make a plan right now for the upcoming sports season and modify it as you learn more about what is going on. Eventually, if it is unsafe to have a fall season you can just cancel it when the time comes, but to not be preparing for the upcoming seasons right now seems ignorant to me. At least give the kids some sort of outline of what they can expect, instead of what seems to be the go-to answer “we’ll just have to wait and see”. 

Waiting and seeing isn’t good enough for me. I think that both the NCHSAA and GHSA should come out with an impromptu plan of how things are going to work moving forward and just modify it as new information comes out. Heck, Georgia just opened restaurants back up and you’re telling me you don’t want to speculate about the future of high school sports? 



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