Towns County Animal Rescue adoptable pet of the week- Sweetheart

Fast & Furriest

Towns County Animal Rescue is looking for a loving home for a beautiful long-haired, gray, female kitten whose name is Sweetheart, because that’s what she is.  She absolutely loves people and wants to be with them.  She comes to you when call her or enter her room, and she sits beside you waiting to be petted.  She goes nose to nose with you and lays her head on your hand.  She also loves to play with toys.  She is spayed and has had a rabies vaccination.  The perfect owner would keep her inside, because there are too many dangers in these mountains for cats.  She is currently in a cat colony, but she is too adoptable to leave out in the wild.   The preferred owner would be a mature and responsible adult 65 years old or younger rather than young children who could accidentally let her outside.  If you are wanting an adorable and lovable fur friend or know someone who is, please contact Sue at 706-435-0526.


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