RES Hosted Annual STEAM Night

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BRES hosted its annual STEAM Night on March 10, 2020. Students created cardboard arcade games in small groups during weekly STEAM classes led by BRES STEAM Teacher, Ms. Teresa Tate. This project was inspired by Caine’s Arcade, a 9 year old boy from Los Angeles who created an arcade completely out of cardboard boxes and everyday objects. Our students researched arcade games, planned, designed, and journaled their game in groups, then worked hard to engineer them. Prizes, such as gently used toys, were also donated by BRES families and teachers for students to choose from with their tickets redeemed from games. A Big Bear hug goes out to Mr. Dan Goswick, Lynn Reist, and Holly Sloan who volunteered and came to our STEAM classes to help students with the creation and assembly process! All of the arcade games were set out around the BRES cafeteria where families came and played the games. Students enjoyed showing off their creations and playing their friends’ creations. Thanks to all who came out to support our students and school. We hope the BRES Cardboard Arcade inspired our students to be creative!

Pictured are: Chloe Wishart, Kevin Wishart, Bennett Colbert, Barbara King, Copen Daves, Molly Prince, Eva Raque, Farrell Roring, Ashley Tamberino, Kyle Allen,  Khadija Usman, Jaelyn Breaux, Casen Bailey, Archer Twiggs, and Gabriel Partin.


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